What is Cityswipe?

Cityswipe is a whole new way of discounting!

We use state-of-the-art technology that allows registered card holders to literally receive thousands of discount and promotional offers from participating merchants instantly by simply swiping their card before their purchase.

Each Cityswipe mag-stripe card is made from 100% bio-degradable plastic!  We're setting out to cut down on the mounds of paper waste caused by coupon mailers and other promotional items we receive in our mail box daily. 

So, however you like to spend your money, you'll want to be sure you have your Cityswipe card with you!  

See our privacy policy to learn more about the extreme steps we take to protect your personal information.

Benefits of using your Cityswipe card....

  • Help support local businesses, by shopping locally!

  • Eco-friendly alternative to clipping paper coupons or other promotional offers!

  • Functions as an electronic coupon, loyalty, gift, and rewards card ALL IN ONE!

  • Eliminates having to carry around all those "one-time" use gift/loyalty cards! 
  • Earn reward & loyalty points every time you swipe your card! 

  • Receive direct email blasts about coupon and promotional offers!

  • IT'S FREE!